You are missing from me

Christine Rowe

You are missing from me front cover

Over the years Christine Rowe has been involved in church leadership and worked in pastoral care where she supported others through difficult times.

Unaware that she would soon be drawing on her own tools and relationship with God, Christine shares with us her journey of losing her husband of 36 years.

This is a story of strength, faith, endurance and hope for happiness again.

Christine has 3 children and 10 grandchildren.

She has always had a passion for writing and gained her certificate in Basic writing and also Proofreading and Editing in preparation for this book which has been on her heart to share.

Chrissy Rowe

You are missing from me

Hey Everyone!

I have loved writing from a very young age and had a desire to write a book one day.

I had journaled right through my husband’s diagnosis and illness until after his death.

Lockdown 2020 was the perfect time for me to get my head down during those six weeks. I accomplished this through an online course which was very well laid out with emails each day with what I needed to accomplish. 

So straightforward but putting it into sequence and writing it to come alive so everyone would feel what I was feeling at the time, was another matter. It takes time with the help of an expert.

Thank you for all the wonderful messages of encouragement.